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Tips for Wardrobe Change Over

Posted on March 7, 2015 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (1)

Before we know it, this beautiful weather will be but a memory, but I actually look forward to wearing my favorite snuggley sweaters with all those warm earth- and jewel tones again.

The problem is the process of storing the summer clothes and bringing back all those heavy boxes without turning each room into a disaster area.

Never did I imagine that lugging my mom’s clothes from bedroom to attic twice a year would be valuable, but I did learn a thing or two about that necessary transition to help ease the pain for myself and others, and believe it or not, if you follow these steps, you’ll feel great about your new wardrobe! So, let’s go!

 1. Set aside time. Be reasonable, this isn’t going to take 20 minutes, but neither does it have to take 4 hours. Start with a Saturday morning, say 10:00 to noon.

 2. Get clear, plastic, stackable storage bins with locking lids. I like the 58 – 66 quart size, but whatever you have room for and can comfortable lift when full. Also have containers for the other sort piles which can be plastic trash bags, paper shopping bags — something sturdy and easy to move.

 3. Make your bed. Assuming your main wardrobe lives in your bedroom, or close to it, having a clear, flat surface to work with is key.

 4. Starting with ONE area at a time (closet, drawers, shoes…;), take everything out and place it on the bed. Sort only those items into Store, Donate and Clean/Repair. If it didn’t fit you this year or is tied to the latest trend, it won’t work next year so put it in one of the last two categories.

 5. Do an additional sort on the pile that you’ll Store, pairing shirts, shorts, bathing suits, etc. together. Basics such as neutral T shirts can stay as these are good layering items. Take these boxes to the area they’ll be stored. If they don’t fit at this point, put them near where they’ll ultimately go and we’ll tackle that area next.

 6. Remove the other sorted piles and put in the car so that they are out of the house and one step closer to the donation bin/dry cleaner, etc. Check out my website for local donation drop off centers. We have lots of neighbors that could use our still-good clothing.

 7. Bring in your fall/winter clothes and place them on the bed. You should have plenty of empty closet and drawer space if you’ve removed all your summer clothes. Again, sort these items into work, casual, work-out, etc. and decide where each category will go. I like to keep all of my work outfits in the closet, sorted by slacks, tops, jackets, and sweaters and accessories in drawers. All pants in one (or two) drawer, tops in another, underwear in another and so on.

 8. Follow the same process for shoes, jewelery, accessories, etc. Take out one season, sort, store, remove and bring in the current season’s wardrobe.

 9. You shouldn’t have anything left over — but that’s rarely the case so take a look at what’s left and sort into Store and Donate. Remove it from the room. At this point all of your clothing should be out of site and ready to be put into fabulous outfits.

 10. Take one last hour and take the donated items to their new homes; collect a tax receipt and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and a job well done.

 Have any other suggestions or questions? Please let me know.