The Welcome Home

Sales/Leasing and Relocations


With expertise in spacial planning and organization, we work with clients to arrange their furnishings in a way that creates welcoming environments. Whether that's staging a home for sale, downsizing for retirement, moving into a new home, re purposing a room or just organizing areas to maximize space, a trained and objective eye can make a huge difference in the way you and your family enjoy your home.

Residential Sales and Leasing


Downsizing and Move Management


Once the decision is made to sell your home, you want to do it quickly and for the highest price possible. That's where home stagers can be your most strategic investment. With an objective and trained eye, we'll set your home apart and look for easy and inexpensive updates to give your home the 'wow' factor that invites competing bids. We also start the moving process by boxing up personal items and arranging the minimal amount of furnishings to create a pleasing canvas where potential buyers can easily see themselves living.

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Down-sizing and Move Management

Sorting, packing, labeling, donating, hiring movers, transferring accounts, change of address.... all that on top of day-to-day life and details of the next home! We partner with families and individuals in transition, minimizing stress by reliably managing all those daunting tasks, coordinating with all parties, and being there to facilitate the process to ensure everything gets done on time and on budget.

Email us for Ten Tips for Home Staging.

Settling In

You've done all the work of getting to your new home, but then the moving van pulls away leaving you to deal with dozens of boxes and an array of utility and service providers to accommodate. We pick up where the movers leave off and coordinate the set up of your new home so that you're ready to enjoy dinner and a movie that evening. With an expert styler doing the arranging, you are sure to appreciate your home in a whole new way.

Property Management

Restyling is an affordable way to create dramatic change by re-arranging things you already have for a more inviting home. We 'shop' from rooms around your home and rearrange your favorite possessions in ways that draw a renewed appreciation for them. Take advantage of personal shopping services to add unique and cozy touches.